Project Description

September 27 – October 26, 2021 (BST)

Supporting businesses and innovators to collaborate and grow internationally is a central theme of the UK Government Industrial strategy; setting out a goal to be the most innovative country in the world by 2030. The Global Business Innovation Programme run by Innovate UK and Innovate UK EDGE is aimed at UK companies, helping them to establish international innovation collaborations and to overcome barriers to entering global markets. Whether this be finding partners for joint R&D projects, accessing new markets through technology partnering or attracting foreign investment to support the commercialisation of the UK technology.

The programme supports a cohort of high growth, innovative businesses, enabling them to explore and exploit opportunities in specific countries and technology areas, providing market knowledge and cultural insight that they may otherwise not be able to generate for themselves. It will support these businesses with a structured programme across three main phases; getting ready for the market, visiting the market, exploiting the opportunity.

What’s On Offer?

  • Introducing 16 highly innovative EdTech companies and their products.
  • Live presentations, discussion and demonstration of the products
  • Platform to drive partnerships and collaborations between educators, organisations and companies in the Education & Skill Technologies sector.
  • Opportunity for UK and North American stakeholders to share and realise mutual benefits.

The Global Business Innovation Programme Brochure
 details the 16 companies that are taking part in this Global Business Innovation Programme visit to Canada & USA, their business overviews and also their objectives for this visit.

More information can be found here.