International Hydrogen Energy Exhibition & Forum(H2WORLD 2020)

Nov 10-12, 2021

TFP Hydrogen Products will exhibit at H2World at the Ulsan Exhibition & Convention Centre in South Korea.

H2WORLD is a leading industry event for hydrogen and fuel cells in Korea and will bring international experts and industry players to Ulsan for a 3-day conference and trade fair.

TFP Hydrogen Products is founded on extensive knowledge in both electrochemical and nano materials and has a strong focus on sustainability, specialising in the development of materials for the hydrogen economy. We facilitate the advancement of electrochemical, low carbon technologies such as Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) water electrolysis, which can be used to generate green hydrogen from renewable energy sources.

Our products are specially engineered to deliver cost-effective, high-performing, and reproducible products that can be used in a range of technologies, whether based on our own products or those of our partners and customers. TFP Hydrogen Products has a range of capabilities as a supplier, we welcome the opportunity to work with our customers to develop coatings to suit their needs, whether this be in terms of durability, cost or efficiency.

Find out more about the event and register on the H2World webpage.