Project Description

Pitch your Solution to Canadian Buyers

Do you have an innovative clean technology solution? You could be eligible for support to access the Canadian markets from the LCBA Canada Project, if you satisfy the following criteria

Minimum Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Second Challenge Wave (September) are as follows:

  • EU Company Size:Applicant is a company with less than 500 employees and annual turnover not exceeding 300 Million EUR.
  • Geographic Location:¬†Headquartered in one of the¬†27 EU Member States.
  • Ownership:Possess majority corporate ownership by EU nationals.
  • Environmental Solutions:The company offers low-carbon or circular economy solutions.

Whether or not you have experience outside the EU: companies that present a relevant, innovative technology with high environmental and commercial potential are also eligible to participate. Having experience working outside the EU is an added value to the application.


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