GCCIR attends Tecterra conference: NORTH51

In February, two colleagues of the GCCIR team attended Tecterra’s new event NORTH 51. Tecterra is a government-funded non-profit organization that assists start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the geospatial field, to develop and commercialize technology faster than they could on their own.

NORTH51 was their first conference to focus on newly emerging technologies and trends in the field and to gather the most innovative minds in geospatial technology. The plan is to establish NORTH51 as an annual conference that fosters exchange between technology leaders in the field. Speaking of geospatial technology, the conference was held in the heart of the Rocky Mountains and included informative presentations as well as specific panel discussions on various topics ranging from remote sensing and location analytics to IOT and the relevance of AI in the analysis of geospatial data sets.

For GCCIR the event provided a great opportunity to not only get a better insight into new geospatial technology and innovative research and development that is happening in the field. We also used the opportunity to connect with experts, professors, and company representatives of small to medium-sized enterprises as well as bigger companies specializing in the geospatial sector and hope that some of the companies will be able to join us for our European Matchmaking Mission in November 2018.