About Us

The European-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research (ECCIR) is an initiative for the development of European-Canadian research and business relations. Formerly known as the German-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research (GCCIR), the ECCIR provides support for the exchange of information, development of networks, the establishment and cultivation of collaborative partnerships in academia, business, and industry, as well as cultural exchange. ECCIR is funded by Alberta Innovates and the Government of Alberta.

As the Network Coordinator for the Enterprise Europe Network Canada, ECCIR connects SMEs with a comprehensive partnerships database, brokerage events, and company missions to help turn innovative ideas into international commercial successes.

ECCIR is a member of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce and the IraSME Network, a network of European ministries and funding agencies that are owners or managers of national and regional funding programs for cooperative research and development projects.  The ECCIR regularly participates in both annual IraSME calls for proposals to support joint, innovative R&D projects.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, our offices are located in the University of Alberta’s Enterprise Square, a vibrant hub in downtown Edmonton that fosters research, advances innovation, and provides collaborative opportunities for community and economic development.


The ECCIR acts as a facilitator, working together with a wide variety of partner initiatives and organizations in Canada: