Investing in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region

Edmonton Global is a regional economic development corporation, working to attract investment into the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. Located at the centre of western Canada, the Edmonton region is made up of 15 municipalities, with a population of 1.4 million people and represents the 5th largest economy in Canada. The region has plentiful food, a robust manufacturing sector, innovations in clean energy, a strong life sciences sector, artificial intelligence (AI) expertise, a diverse and talented population and a great quality of life.

Edmonton Global collaborates with all levels of government and economic development agencies including their 15 municipalities, and partner network (including the German-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research) to attract investment and drive growth across the region. Part of their strategy is to strengthen and support growth, innovation, and competitiveness for the region.

Edmonton Global works with their partners at Invest Alberta, Invest in Canada and Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service to build relationships with potential investors and provide comprehensive, customized service that will support a smooth transition for international companies wishing to do business in the Edmonton region. Edmonton Global is dedicated to delivering data-driven and innovative solutions that will support the success of businesses that invest in the Edmonton region.

The Edmonton Metropolitan Region’s business ecosystem is diverse and innovative. Its unique value proposition is at the intersection of traditional and emerging sectors. The region has tech startups spinning out of agriculture, energy, and life sciences, and traditional industries are driving innovation by partnering with organizations like the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute and the universities, colleges, and polytechnics in the region to transform their business models.

How can Edmonton Global help?

As a foreign direct investment and international business development organization, Edmonton Global works as an ally to attract investment to, and promote trade from, the Edmonton region. Their work opens doors for investors, entrepreneurs and international organizations and supports them with what they need to do business in one of the youngest, most educated and fastest growing regions in Canada. Want to learn more? Visit the Edmonton Global website and sign up for their newsletter so you can stay informed on what is happening in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.