Our President Britta Baron was interviewed by the British journalist Robin Bisson for an article that appeared in the magazine Research Professional News.  They publish news on research policy for the professional research community. Here is a part of the article published on Feb 24, 2022:

Going global
Britta Baron, president of the European-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research, which supports transatlantic research and business networks, said that Canadian universities have long been pushing their government to become more involved in EUR&D programmes. Links with Europe are top of the Canadian wish list for international partnerships and researchers have “anxious hope” that the talks will succeed, said Baron.
“Generally the sense is they are going reasonably well,” she said.
But Baron also warned that the EU’s R&I programmes have a reputation for “cumbersome” bureaucracy and that universities would need to build support systems to take full advantage of Horizon Europe association.

To read the whole article please follow the link: Horizon Europe on international path, by Robin Bisson, Feb 24, 2022