Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies 2023: ECCIR Analyzes the Data

The Globe and Mail recently published the fifth annual Report on Business ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies. This Report ranks 425 Canadian businesses with anywhere from 3-9,000 employees based on their three-year revenue growth rates.

The 2023 edition has brought to the forefront some impressive growth stories, and ECCIR took a closer look at the data. Our Project Assistant, Elliot Smith, analyzed the numbers, breaking them down by province and sector to gain a deeper understanding of Canada’s fastest-growing companies. The analysis shows that, from the technology sector’s dominance to the emergence of companies in unexpected regions, Canada’s growth story is dynamic and promising.

Region Total (425) Percentage of Total Companies Per Capita
Alberta 43 10.11 107,007
British Columbia 68 16 78,945
Ontario 228 53.64 66,941
Manitoba/Saskatchewan 17 4 154,435
Quebec 67 15.76 130,617
Atlantic Provinces  2 0.47 1,276,632
Region Representation on List Based on Population
Alberta Marginally underrepresented (2% or less)
British Columbia Overrepresented
Ontario Overrepresented
Manitoba/Saskatchewan Underrepresented
Quebec Underrepresented
Atlantic Provinces  Underrepresented
Sector Total (434) Percentage of Total
Agriculture 8 1.84
Building/Construction 33 7.60
Health/Medicine 30 6.91
Hotels/Tourism/Catering 6 1.38
IT/AI/Tech Development 116 26.72
Manufacturing 70 16.12
Oil & Gas 5 1.15
Other (e.g., Financial Services) 166 38.24

Some companies fit into multiple sectors hence there are more companies listed in the sector table than on the overall list. 


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