Breaking Boundaries in Environmental Monitoring with Boreal Laser

Innovating in the field of environmental monitoring poses significant challenges, particularly in developing accurate and reliable technologies for detecting atmospheric pollution. International collaboration plays a crucial role in overcoming these challenges by bringing together diverse expertise and resources. ECCIR has been instrumental in facilitating such collaborations, connecting Canadian companies with European partners to drive innovation and achieve breakthrough results.

Boreal Laser Inc., an Edmonton-based company, exemplifies the success of such international partnerships. With the help of ECCIR, Boreal Laser teamed up with Nanoplus GmbH (Germany) to develop an innovative long path line-of-sight gas sensor using Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs). This portable gas finder enables high-precision monitoring of atmospheric pollution, marking a significant advancement in environmental monitoring technology.

Building on this success, Boreal Laser embarked on a second Alberta-Germany collaboration project with DBFZ, Lohmeyer Consulting Engineers, and Mattersteig & CO. Ingenieurgesellschaft für Verfahrenstechnik und Umweltschutz. This project aimed to further advance their technology and pioneer the standardization of laser techniques to quantify fugitive atmospheric emissions from biogas plants and other industrial sources. By adding a plug-and-play system and integrating a new spectrometer with a dispersion algorithm, Boreal Laser was able to quantify emissions and create a comprehensive emissions measurement protocol. This initiative was part of the larger EU ERA-NET Bioenergy Project.

Currently, Boreal Laser is working on a third collaboration project with Innoptics (France) to develop a new tunable mid-infrared gas analyzer capable of detecting multiple gases and hydrocarbons. This ongoing project promises to further enhance Boreal Laser’s capabilities in gas sensing technology.

Positive outcomes for Boreal Laser so far:

  • 1 new patent filed
  • 3 new employees hired
  • Significant increase in revenue
  • Continued collaboration with German partners