Transforming Display Technology with Userful Corporation and Display Solution AG

A video wall is a special display arrangement that consists of multiple computer monitors, video projectors, or television sets tiled together to form one large screen. Technical challenges in developing video walls range from screen resolution and the creation of seamless images to traditionally high implementation costs, effective networking of input and output devices, and high-quality software designed for well-distributed architecture and load balancing of video walls. Calgary-based Userful Corporation (Alberta) tackled these challenges through successful collaborations with European partners.

Over the course of two projects, Userful Corporation collaborated with Display Solution AG (Germany) to develop a combined hardware-software innovation where low-cost network-connected endpoint devices work together with a central server to deliver a high-end video wall solution. They also developed an advanced software solution for a centralized display infrastructure.

In a third collaboration project with LCS (France), Userful developed an integrated platform for content creation and video wall presentation. Userful’s solutions, developed in collaboration with their European partners, provide an array of opportunities for different application areas, whether in the office, control room, public areas, or artistic video wall installations.

The Alberta-Europe Technology Collaboration Fund, a program developed by the Alberta Government’s Ministry of Jobs, Economy and Innovation and delivered by the European-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research, supported these initiatives.

Positive outcomes for Userful:

  • 20 new employees hired
  • Significant increase in revenue
  • Continued collaboration with German and French partners
  • Successfully launched their “Userful Cloud” Smart-display solution with global display maker LG

These projects exemplify how international collaborations can drive innovation and success in advanced video wall solutions.